27 October 2016 – Lashkar (at the front). Lashkar is the oldest of the alpaca boys and he’s incredibly tall!



28 October 2016 – Lapis (at the front). Lapis was so friendly on the day we got the four alpacas and is a friendly, quiet boy these days.

29 October 2016 – Latte and Poppy, the cat. Latte is a character and always wants to be close by me and Poppy – he loves her!



30 October 2016 – Lewisham is the smallest of the four alpacas and I was worried there was something wrong with him – the vet told me ‘He’s just a  little alapca,’ so that’s alright then!


31 October 2016 – Lashkar, almost renamed Johnny as he’s a heartbreaker with black eyes, black eyliner around them (well, it looks like eyeliner) and long eyelashes


1 November 2016 – Lapis is always curious but usually hangs back and lets the other alpaca boys go first, except when Poppy is nearby and then he’s right there.