Hi! I’m Emma. Thanks for popping by.

I live in near Carlisle in Cumbria and have been here since the end of June this year. But wait, the photo doesn’t look much like Cumbria! Well it isn’t, it’s a pic of me on a birthday trip to Quail Island, just off the port of Lyttleton, near Christchurch, New Zealand.

Before coming back to Cumbria in June 2017, I lived north of Christchurch, in the South Island of New Zealand on a 5 1/2 acre lifestyle block, for 5 years. I shared my life with my husband, 4 male alpacas, 5 chickens, Lady and Daisy, our English cats who we took over, then Poppy the black and white Kiwi cat, lots of goldfish in the pond and from time to time sheep and lambs.

Hubby and I moved from Cumbria to Christchurch in 2008 and for the first few years, lived near the forest and sea, east of Christchurch city. It was pretty perfect. The first earthquake in September 2010, was to say the least, tough to cope with, and experiencing the bigger ones which started in February 2011, made me, and I know, many many other people, question all kinds of things in life. It was really hard.  I became more resilient (had to) and less judgmental of others as who knew what their situation was and what they were really feeling?

I love lots of things: writing, reading The Guardian, the sea, spending time in cafes (especially if they have a noisy coffee machine, coffee cake and a log fire), film festivals, chatting to friends who know me well, yoga (beginner, very), baking Victoria sponges, making trifle (Gordon Ramsay’s recipe), cheeky, cuddly cats, walking/running/cycling (more walking, it has to be said) in the countryside, alpacas, oh, and chardonnay.

Welcome to my blog – you’ll see lots of posts about my experiences and thoughts that I wrote in New Zealand and I’m starting to write about my life back in England, so bookmark, comment and visit often!