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What’s the difference between an alpaca and a llama?


Lapis hogging the camera, and Lashkar behind

This is what I’ve picked up along the way:

An alpaca is way cuter, actually

A llama has banana shaped ears and an alpaca doesn’t

An alpaca is bred for its high quality fleece

A llama is used as a beast of burden – it carries things

An alpaca hums when it wants to communicate – and that can mean anything

A llama is heavier and taller than an alpaca

Baby llamas and alpaca are called cria – love that word

Llamas and alpaca are both camelids

They can both spit. Alpacas tend not to spit at humans; they prefer to spit at each other and mine spit sometimes when they want another one to get away from the hay!

They both eat grass and hay and have 3  chambers in their stomachs.

A big “Thanks” to Kit and Sheryl at Silverstream Alpacas where we bought our alpaca boys. We are so glad we met them!

High Heels and Gumboots in the News!

Look what I found! It’s a close call! I’m doomed!

Who would have thought gumboots could be dangerous – mind you, I have tripped over mine a few times!


WORD Christchurch is coming! Programme out later today !

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