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What’s the difference between an alpaca and a llama?


Lapis hogging the camera, and Lashkar behind

This is what I’ve picked up along the way:

An alpaca is way cuter, actually

A llama has banana shaped ears and an alpaca doesn’t

An alpaca is bred for its high quality fleece

A llama is used as a beast of burden – it carries things

An alpaca hums when it wants to communicate – and that can mean anything

A llama is heavier and taller than an alpaca

Baby llamas and alpaca are called cria – love that word

Llamas and alpaca are both camelids

They can both spit. Alpacas tend not to spit at humans; they prefer to spit at each other and mine spit sometimes when they want another one to get away from the hay!

They both eat grass and hay and have 3  chambers in their stomachs.

A big “Thanks” to Kit and Sheryl at Silverstream Alpacas where we bought our alpaca boys. We are so glad we met them!

The 4 alpaca boys and the horses

The 4 alpaca boys met our neighbour Linda’s horses when I got home from work today and it was a case of,  ‘What are you?’ ‘Who are you?’ ‘Will you bite my head off if I come near you?’ kind of chat between them.

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Who are you?

Lewisham the alpaca meets Taylor the horse for the first time





Hanmer Springs, you are lovely, actually

Hanmer = massage + forest walks + beautiful light + hot springs + wineries

Just lovely, actually.

The thing about Hanmer Springs is it is always just a fantastic experience – the freshest air on tap, the jet boat whizzing down the river (I’ve been on it, and believe me ‘whizz’ is the word),  the feel and look of a mountain village and a winery on the way or way home. I must have been there more than a dozen times now and I can’t think of a time when it wasn’t lovely. I always feel like I can cope with anything after I’ve been there, and do anything really.

The Ferry Bridge Just outside Hanmer Springs

The Ferry Bridge just outside Hanmer Springs

The 90 minute drive from home through the Waipara Valley treats me to rows and rows of vines that belong to wineries such as Waipara Hills, Pegasus Bay and a bit further on past the Hanmer turn off, there’s the smaller Waipara Springs. with its pretty garden and wonderful wine dogs.

The Spa at Hanmer Springs does a lot of things right:

  • The smiling welcome at the front desk
  • The heated beds in the treatment rooms
  • The quiet treatment room and the fact that therapist doesn’t try and chat to you while they’re massaging you – not keen on chatting while I’m being massaged!
  • The therapist waits for you outside the room after your treatment with a glass of water, a goodbye and thank you
  • The hot pools are just next door so you can relax in 32 to 42 degree water before or after your treatment at the spa. Delish.
  • Hanmer Sprimgs Spa

    Hanmer Springs Spa

    Marble Point Winery is one of those places where you feel that the owners are putting their heart and soul into their business. They  sell their own chardonnay, sauvingon blanc, riesling, pinot noir and the other things they sell like honey, infused olive oil and organic goats’ milk soaps make the whole experience just so wholesome somehow, in a luxurious kind of way.

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High Heels and Gumboots in the News!

Look what I found! It’s a close call! I’m doomed!

Who would have thought gumboots could be dangerous – mind you, I have tripped over mine a few times!


WORD Christchurch is coming! Programme out later today !

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