My stripey deckchair + laptop + brewshed + trusty old Hilux

Post much rest

Post munch rest and Lewisham doing his ballet exercises

I am writing this post sitting on one of our green stripey deckchairs in the lane, watching the alpaca boys. I can hear them munching away and wonder if, as it’s Sunday afternoon, this is their equivalent of a Sunday roast with Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes. Every so often I hear a click and it’s Ken with the staple gun in the brewshed using a combination of the alpaca boys’ fleece and sheep’s wool to insulate the ceiling. He’s pushing it in to the ceiling, then stapling some weedmat over it to keep it in. I usually take the boys’ fleece to my wool man, Leo who washes it, then cards and spins it on his machines but I donated it to the brewshed this year. That is a well-insulated, cosy brewshed.

On the subject of Yorkshire puddings, thank goodness they are available here but not in every supermarket, so thank you New World Rangiora!

Actually, if you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps, go to the supermarket. Seriously, the checkout assistants are always keen for a chat, and they’re the ones that start it.

Most popular choice of question: ‘Having a busy day so far?’

Second most popular: ‘Got much planned for the rest of the day?’

99.9% of the time I answer, ‘No,’ to number one, and most then reply with something along the lines of saying how awesome for me and how lucky I am. I like that, especially as they sound genuinely interested, even the teenagers! In answer to the second one, I don’t usually give too much away but find myself wishing that I had told them that I was meeting Richie McCaw (my cousin) for lunch, then going shopping for red shoes, then meeting my husband to plan our next marathon. All totally made up, of course. I’m quite keen to buy some red shoes though.WP_20160619_001